José R. Armenteros

Friendly neighborhood data aficionado

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About Me

Hi, my name is José, but you can also call me Joe, Joey, Pepe, Cheo, or Raúl. I am a Seattle based Business Intelligence developer, data analyst and consultant. I specialize in data platform, data science, and BI solutions.

I have a lovely wife, and a calico cat that is quite apathetic about my existence. In my spare time I work on learning new coding skills and data tools. I unwind by dancing salsa, playing board games, and reading manga.

Please see below for more on my professional interests.

Business Intelligence

I have generated numerous reports, metrics, and key insights across diverse industries, including retail, healthcare, and cloud computing. I quickly adapt to most reporting infrastructures, having strong expertise in Power BI, Excel PowerPivot, and Oracle Business Intillegence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), and currently solidifying my knowledge of Tableau and Qlik.

Data Engineering & ETL Design

Most of the projects I've participated in required the creation of new data layers to plug into reporting infrastructures. Hence, I often design and implement ETL applications that result in structured relational databases, typically following a star or snowflake schema model. Through my work I have learned several SQL flavors, such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Snowflake SQL. I have also worked with several ETL platforms, including SSIS, Alteryx, and Python (through the use of sql connector packages). I am currently working on expanding my knowledge of Docker infrastructure.

Data Science & Machine Learning

I have experience with regression models, including linear, polynomial, support vectors, and decision trees/random forests. I also have experience with classification and clustering, primarily through the use of K-Nearest Neighbor and Naive Bayes algorithms. I can implement machine learning code in both python and R, with more expertise on the former. I am currently working on developing data mining projects and artificial neural networks.